“To determine whether I should publish it or not, I went home in the evening, purchased a two-penny loaf at the bakers’ and with water from the pump made supper; I then wrapped myself up in my great-coat, and laid down on the floor and slept till morning, when, on another loaf and a mug of water, I made my breakfast.

From this regimen I feel no inconvenience whatever. Finding I can live in this manner, I have formed a
determination never to prostitute my press to the purposes of corruption and abuse of this kind for the sake of gaining a more comfortable subsistence.”

from Ronald W. Clark, Benjamin Franklin, a Biography. Da Capo Press, 1983.

As much as the NewHartfordPlus Crew applauds Benjamin Franklin’s intense championing of an independent press, they just can’t embrace such an austere lifestyle!

NewHartfordPlus is an independent news website supported by Bob and Maria Moore, both of whom work full time in businesses unrelated to media so that they may come home to a supper of a little more than a loaf of bread washed down by a mug of water.

If you, too, enjoy the dual fruits of independent news and a (relatively) comfortable lifestyle, then please consider supporting this endeavor with your financial contribution. All contributions are matched 1000% by the NewHartfordPlus Crew, either financially or through their countless hours spent gathering, writing and publishing this news site after they have worked a regular job. This is true value for your money!

Please contribute to help keep your local source of independent news alive on a little more than bread and water!

Three Easy Ways to Support NewHartfordPlus:

1. Use the PayPal option in our side bar and make a financial contribution using your debit or credit card.

2. Mail your financial contribution to: NewHartfordPlus, PO Box 667, New Hartford CT 06057.

3. Advertise your business or services on NewHartfordPlus, reaching our local readers and helping to deliver our local news to them!

Thank You ~ And Happy Reading!
The NewHartfordPlus Crew

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