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The Spirit Of Christmas At New Hartford Fire Department

For the fifth consecutive year, the members of the New Hartford Fire Department have brought the spirit of Christmas to a family in need.

The firefighters themselves donate money to buy toys and gift cards for a needy family. The firefighters then deliver the gifts, accompanied by Santa in their fire trucks, to the family, much to the delight of the children and adults of the family they are going to help.

The firefighters who this year delivered their company’s gifts to the family are shown in the photo below.  They are from left to right (kneeling): Lt. Ben Marcus, Shawn Wainmann, Zach Marcus and Austin Ferguson; (standing): Kevin Kruzcek, John Racloz, Lt. Scott Sugarek, Bobby Crean, Chief Mark Worsman, Jason Kruzcek, Santa aka Frank Galagher, Lt. Chris Sterpka, Matt Germano and Kevin Archer.

After posing for the photo, they all climbed into their trucks and headed out towards the lucky family. The true spirit of New Hartford!


Members of the New Hartford Fire Department on December 17, 2012. Photo: Maria Moore

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