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Board Of Finance Meets, Approves Proposed Total Town Budget For 2012-2013 FY With 2.75% Increase

The Board of Finance members met on Tuesday, April 17 and approved their proposed Town Budget for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2012-2013 with a 2.75% increase.  The motion proposing the 2.75% increase was approved only after Chairman Ben Witte cast a tie-breaking vote in favor of the motion.  With only 5 Board of Finance members able to be seated because of minority rules (see an upcoming commentary on NewHartfordPlus on this issue), the Board members’ votes had been evenly split on  the 2.75% increase; BOF members Reggie Smith and Kate Rieger voted for the 2.75% increase, while  BOF alternate Joe Gareis and BOF member Maria Moore voted against the 2.75% increase.  Ben Witte then cast the tie-breaking vote approving the proposed budget with the 2.75% increase.  Maria Moore had made a counter-proposal for an increase of 2.45%, the lower increase to be funded by a slight increase in the collection rate from 97.5% to 97.75% and Joe Gareis had agreed that the 97.75% collection rate was reasonable.

The total budget proposed by the Board of Finance members for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2012-13 is for $22,306,107, which is an increase of $763,470 over the current year’s budget of $21,542,637.  This 3.5% increase was reduced to 2.75% increase by applying $300,000 from the town’s reserves to help fund the cost of the budget.

The Annual Budget Meeting will be held on May 1, with a referendum date of May 8.  At the referendum the townspeople can vote for or against the Board of Finance’s proposed budget which includes the town administration and the local elementary schools Board of Ed’s budget.  The townspeople will also vote on the Regional # 7 proposed budget.

Following is the video of the April 17 Board of Finance meeting:

Click on the image above to watch the video of the April 17 Board of Finance Special Meeting on the NewHartfordPlus Youtube channel


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