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New Hartford Park Rules & Regulations Adopted By Recreation Commission; VIDEO ADDED

At last night’s Recreation Commission meeting the full commission discussed the draft Rules and Regulations submitted to them by the three-member Subcommittee that had been appointed to review and revise the town’s park rules; see our March 22 article 3 Rec Commission Members Appointed to Subcommittee….

Sign at Brodie Park South; the 'Sunrise to Sunset' sign has disappeared

After a careful discussion of the draft rules, the Rec Commission members voted unanimously to adopt the park rules submitted by the Subcommittee and as amended by the Commission members during their discussion. Those newly-adopted rules are the ones which now govern the use of all our town parks: Callahan Park, Chapin Park, Brown’s Corner and Brodie Park (both North and South).

The video of the April 4 Rec Commission meeting, including the Public Comments made by the close to 100 members of the public who attended the meeting, will be added to this article as soon as Bob the techie is able to process the video – look for it tomorrow, Friday.

The finalized copy of the new Rules and Regulations now in effect will not be available until the Rec Commission’s next meeting on Wednesday, May 2. NewHartfordPlus spoke with Rec Director Dennis Minor regarding the small changes made to the draft and below we are posting the draft rules with those changes where indicated by the yellow highlighting. Please note that the finalized Rules and Regulations may include slightly different wording from the changes indicated below. If you have any questions regarding the newly-adopted Park Rules and Regulations please contact the Rec Department by calling 860-379-3877 or emailing

Yellow highlights indicate where changes to the draft rules were made by the Rec Commission members before adopting the draft as the new rules and regulations

Changes To The Draft Rules

The following is a list of the changes (highlighted above) made to the draft rules by the Rec Commission members:

#3: Replace “Guest” by “Beach guests”;

# 7: Add “Barbecuing” before “Picnicking”

# 8: Add “Field House, Berkshire Hall” to the list of Athletic facilities;

# 10: Add “Owners must pick up waste.” after the first sentence;

#11: Change first sentence to read: “Parking is allowed in designated areas only.”

#12: A slight change in the wording to be made – unknown at this time;

# 16: Change “Alcohol” ┬áto “Alcoholic beverages”;

# 17: Change “motorcycles” to “unregistered motorcycles”;

With just the few changes indicated above, these are now the newly-adopted Rules and Regulations governing all use of all New Hartford Parks. Download a copy of the Draft Rules and Regulations (without the highlighting in the copy of the rules above): New Hartford Park Rules and Regulations - adopted April 4, 2012 (62)

The Rec Commission members discussing the draft rules which they later adoptedx as their new Park Rules and Regulations. Photo: Maria Moroe


Rec Commission Meeting – Video And Summary

At their April 4 meeting, the Rec Commission members discussed the draft rules for the Town’s parks presented to them by their 3-member subcommittee. At the beginning of the meeting Chairman John Maschi welcomed the large crowd assembled in the Senior Center and then he invited those present who wished to give their input on the rules to do so during the 30-minute Public Comments section which was the first item on the agenda. Many members of the public took the opportunity to speak, with a large number of the comments addressing the Football program’s presence at Brodie South last year. Having given everyone the opportunity to comment, the Rec Commission members held their meeting, with the focus being discussion of the draft rules. They made minor adjustments to the language of the rules and then unanimously voted to adopt them as their new Rules and Regulations for Town parks.

Following is a video of the meeting.

Click the image above to view the video of the Rec Commission meeting on the NewHartfordPlus YouTube channel.

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