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Local Schools’ Board of Ed Meets, Discusses Proposed Budget, Reviews Bully Policy, Receives Update On Next Step Towards Closing Bakerville School

The New Hartford Public Schools Board of Ed met on Tuesday, March 22, immediately following its Long-Range Planning Committee’s meeting.  Among their agenda items for the meeting, the Board members discussed their proposed 2012-2013 budget and reviewed several policies including their Bully policy.

In the last minute or so of the meeting, Bryan Keilty, Chairman of the Board, gave the full Board an update from the Long-Range Planning Committee’s meeting earlier that evening.  That Committee, Bryan said, was going to set up a joint meeting with the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance to get their input and to put a cooperative procedure in place that they would all be comfortable with for the closure of Bakerville School.  With none of the regular Board members having any questions regarding the update Bryan had provided, the Board meeting was brought to an end.

To watch the video of the Long-Range Committee’s meeting earlier that evening when the consolidation of the schools was discussed, see our March 26 article Consolidation of New Hartford Elementary Schools Under Consideration…

Following is the video of the March 22 local schools’ Board of Ed meeting:

Click on the image above to watch the video of the March 22 local schools' Board of Ed meeting on the NewHartfordPlus channel on YouTube


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