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FOBPS Express Support For Rec While Revising Park Rules, Concern At Undue Pressure From First Selectman To Allow Football's Self-Made Rules Of Use At Brodie Park South: Copy Of Letter To Residents

By: Maria Moore

The Friends Of Brodie Park South (FOBPS) have mailed hundreds of letters to town residents, expressing their support for the Recreation Commission as that Commission is in the process of revising the town’s park rules, while at the same time expressing their concern at the undue pressure being exerted by the First Selectman’s Office to rewrite the park rules to permit Football to continue practicing at Brodie Park South as they did last year, under their own self-made rules while ignoring Rec’s park rules and Rec’s request for that group to move to a more appropriate practice space at one of the town’s elementary schools.

The FOBPS letter gives specific examples of how Football’s use of Brodie Park South last year broke many of Rec’s rules, the very rules that have guided all residents’ use of town parks for the past 25 years. ┬áRec has made exceptions to their rules whenever necessary to accommodate the changing needs of individuals and groups within the context of the community’s need as a whole to access and enjoy the town’s parks. The FOBPS letter invites residents to watch the video of the Rec Commission’s March 7 meeting at which the Rec Commission members discussed the unacceptable use of Brodie Park South by Football and their reaffirmation that their park rules apply to all groups and all the town’s parks. After the First Selectman exerted pressure on Rec to rewrite their park rules, Rec set up a Committee that is now working on reviewing and revising the town’s park rules. In their letter, the FOBPS encourage residents to let their voices be heard by contacting the Rec Commission members, the First Selectman’s Office and by contacting the FOBPS directly.

Below is a copy of the letter that has already been received by many town residents; you may also download a copy of the FOBPS letter: FOBPS letter, March 24, 2012 (67).

The open field area at Brodie Park South photographed in May 2010, when the Brodie Park South Environmental Baseline Report was made public. The report was commissioned by the Brodie Park South Group/Committee to help its members come up with a recommendation of the best use for Brodie Park South. That committee has almost completed its work and their recommendation to the Rec Commission will be made shortly. Photo: NewHartfordPlus archives

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