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BOF Meeting: Proposed Town Budget Includes 6.26% Increase For 2012-2013, Local Schools Present Budget

At their March meeting, the Board of Finance members received a copy of the proposed Town Budget for the upcoming 2012-2013 Fiscal Year and the bottom line wasn’t pretty:  The budget represented a 6.5% increase, an increase of $1,406,826.42, bringing the total budget up to $22,949,463.63.  The current fiscal year’s approved Town Budget totals $21,542,637.21.

The total proposed Town Budget breaks down as follows:

  • General Government: $4,691,887.13
  • Total Education (Regional 7 and local Public schools) :  $16,394,223.00
  • Total Debt Service: $737,012.50
  • Capital Expenditures$836,500.00

Board of Finance Chairman Ben Witte calculated that to pay for the 6.5% increase in total expenditures, after deducting other revenue not derived from taxes, the mill rate would have to increase to 25.716, an increase of 1.52 from the current mill rate of 24.222.  Ben calculated that the actual increase in taxes required to support the proposed budget is 6.26%.  This translates into an increase of $149 for every $100,000 valuation, bringing the total tax due for every $100,000 valuation up to $2,571.56, up from the current $2, 422.17.

Ben said he could not support such an increase, and the other Board of Finance members agreed.

Town Of New Hartford Proposed Town Budget

Download a copy of the proposed town budget distributed at the Board of Finance meeting on March 13: Town Proposed Budget - 2012/2013, 2nd draft, 3/13/12 (49).

The General Government section of the Town Budget totals $4,691,887.13, which represents a 1.5% increase over the current year.

New Hartford Public Schools Proposed Budget Presentation

Dr. Philip O’Reilly, Superintendent of the New Hartford Public Schools, presented the elementary schools’ proposed budget to the Board of Finance on Wednesday evening, March 13. The proposed budget totals 7,932,592.00, which represents a 2.91% increase over the current budget. Total student enrollment totals 569 students, which is 12 students less than last year. As he made his presentation Dr O’Reilly answered questions on the budget put to him by the members of the Board of Finance.

We had already made available the New Hartford Schools Board of Ed approved budget in our article. You may download that same budget using the following link: New Hartford Public Schools Board Approved Budget, March 6, 2012 (71).

Following is the video of Dr. O’Reilly’s presentation and his answers to the questions put to him by Board of Finance members.

Click on the image above to watch the video on YouTube of the March 13 Board of Finance meeting which includes the New Hartford Public Schools budget presentation

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