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Outdated Park Rules Will Not Be Enforced, New Rules To Be Considered By Selectmen At March 28 Meeting: First Selectman

We received a press release from First Selectman Dan Jerram regarding the Recreation Commission Park Rules and the outcome of the Rec Commission Special Meeting held this past Wednesday, March 14; see our March 15 report on that meeting Approved Activities In Town Parks Can Continue, Rec Commission….

In his press release, First Selectman Dan Jerram said:

“Thankfully, as a result of my intervention, on March 14, 2012, the Rec Commission met and held a Special Meeting to address these park rules, acknowledged the mistake and agreed to move toward correcting them quickly.  Chairman John Maschi and I agreed that the Recreation Commission would establish a subcommittee to review and recommend a revised list of park rules and submit them to the Board of Selectman [sic] for consideration.  The meeting was a productive start toward rectifying a problematic situation.  I want to assure residents that I will not allow the outdated rules to be enforced and I hope everyone will exhibit patience and allow the Rec Commission sufficient time to complete the new rules that can adequately serve the people of  the Town of New Hartford…”

Following is the press release packet received from the First Selectman’s Office which includes First Selectman Dan Jerram’s press release, a copy of the Rec Commission’s Park Regulations, and a letter from the town’s Zoning Officer on the application of the Farmers’ Market to hold the market in Chapin Park where it has been held for the past 4 years.

A scene from the Peach Festival held every year on the Pine Meadow Green. Photo: NewHartfordPlus archives

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