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New Hartford Public Schools Board Of Ed Approves Budget With 2.91% Increase: Budget & Video

The three budgets that make up the total New Hartford budget have now been approved by their respective Boards.  The Board of Finance will be holding a budget workshop this coming Saturday, March 17, at which the three Boards – the Board of Selectmen and the two Boards of Ed (one from Regional # 7 and one from the local elementary schools) – will present their budgets.  Before the Saturday workshop, we will post copies of the three approved budgets and videos of the Boards’ discussions related to their approval of their budgets.  The first Board-approved budget we are posting is that of the New Hartford Public Schools (elementary schools).

New Hartford Public Schools Board of Ed-Approved Budget, March 6, 2012

The budget approved by the local schools’ Board of Ed at their March 6 meeting shows a 2.91% increase in the proposed budget for the 2012-2013 fiscal year over the current year’s budget. The number of students projected for the 2012-2013 fiscal year will be 569 students, 12 less than in the current school year.

Download a copy of the Board of Ed-approved budget: New Hartford Public Schools Board Approved Budget, March 6, 2012 (71)

Video Of New Hartford Public Schools Board of Ed Meeting, Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The New Hartford Public Schools Board of Ed discussed their proposed budget for the 2012-2013 fiscal year at their March 6 meeting. At that meeting they approved the proposed budget to present to the Board of Finance at the Budget Workshop this coming Saturday, March 17.

Following is the video of the local schools’ Board members’ discussion:

Click on the image above to watch the video of the Board of Ed meeting on the NewHartfordPlus YouTube channel

Local Elementary Schools Board Of Ed Members Discuss, Approve Budget At March 6 Meeting

The local elementary schools Board of Ed members reviewed their draft budget from their February 28 meeting (see our article Local Schools’ Draft Budget Discussed At February 28 Meeting) and at the end of their discussion they made one cut to their draft budger, that of decreasing the Technology line item by $15,000, from $150,170 down to $135,987. This brought the percentage increase for that line item down from 57.4% down to 42.5%. Several Board members, including Steve Tuxbury, Katie Fisk Natale and Melissa Giaconia expressed their discomfort with the amount of the increase in that line item. Steve in particular said that consolidation had gotten away from them this year (consolidating students from three schools down to two), otherwise they could have had the increase in technology and more. Bryan Keilty said they would be looking at consolidation next year. Katie Fisk Natale asked whether the technology figure in the draft budget included the $23,000 grant they would be receiving for that line item and she was told by Superintendent Philip O’Reilly that the grant was in addition to the figure in the budget. Katie then made the motion to cut the Technology line item by $15,000. The motion passed with some Board members voting against it. Having cut the money from Technology, the Board then agreed to give raises to non-union employees. This had the effect of bringing the 2.9% increase in the draft budget up to 2.91% in the budget approved by the Board of Ed members.

There was a brief discussion of the Capital Expenditures sheet (page 31 in the approved budget which may be downloaded above).

The local schools have included the replacement of the windows and doors at the Antolini School as their one Capital Expenditures item.  The cost of the project is $526,572.  Steve Tuxbury said that depending on how the town’s surplus is and how the Board of Finance decides to go on reducing it, their project might well be fully funded in the budget for the upcoming year.

Despite reservations expressed by some Board members at the amount of increase their budget represented, the Board voted to  approve it for presentation at the Board of Finance’s Budget Workshop this coming Saturday, March 17.

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