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Review Of Revised Regs., Discussion Of Conservation Commission Letter Of Concern Re. Brodie Park South On Tonight’s P&Z Agenda

This evening’s Planning & Zoning Special Meeting will be attended by both the Town Planner, Marty Connor, and the Town’s Land Use Attorney, Mark Branse. Both experts will be on hand to help the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission members as they review the final draft of the town’s zoning regulations before those revised regulations come into effect.

Both experts will also be on hand to participate in the discussion of the letter submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission by the Conservation Commission regarding their concerns about the on-going, non-conforming use of Brodie Park South.  Download a copy of the Conservation Commission letter: Conservation Commission letter re. Brodie Park South, Oct. 28 2011 (153).

Specifically, the members of the Conservation Commission expressed the following concerns in their letter:

  1. The unpermitted use of the field area by a regional football program, i.e. no Special Exception was obtained to erect goal-posts, store equipment lockers, lights and tires on the property, and occupy the park after dusk;
  2. The activity described in (1) above was against the recommendations of the natural resources study done last year for the ad hoc Brodie Park Study Comittee;
  3. Safety and liability issues that the used described in (1) above has given rise to, e.g., the risk of injury by having an overflow of cars on a winding, back road and occupying the park after dark in violation of posted rules;
  4. Complaints and inquiries filed by residents with the Zoning Enforcement Officer, which according to those residents have been ignored, or answered with unofficial verbal reassurances rather than a written response.

Also attending this evening’s meeting will be a newly-formed group of town residents, the Friends of Brodie Park South, which will be supporting the Conservation Commission’s letter.

Also see our editor’s November 13 editorial When A Storage Structure Appears In A Neighborhood Park… which addresses some of the same concerns raised by the members of the Conservation Commission.

This will be the first meeting at which the Planning and Zoning Commission members will be hearing the concerns of a fellow Commission’s members and those of a residents’ group regarding the use of Brodie Park South by an active recreation group that has not not gone through the permitting process that other active recreation groups have had to follow to conduct their activities at other town parks.

Cars parked along Niles Road at Brodie Park South as dusk begins to fall during football practice on August 18. Photo: Maria Moore


The agenda for this evening’s Planning & Zoning Special Meeting is as follows:



1.Review of Draft Regulations with Town Land Use Attorney and Town Planner.
2.Review proposed changes to the Subdivision Regulations to be in compliance with Public Act 11-79 Bonding
3.Review proposed changes to the Subdivision Regulations to incorporate low impact development.
4.Discuss and review letter dated October 28, 2011 from the New Hartford Conservation Commission regarding Brodie Park South/football.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rista Malanca, CZEO
Zoning Enforcement Officer

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