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Grand Re-Opening Of Hitchcock Chair Company Marks Return Of A Riverton Tradition

By: Andrew Pelletier

When the Hitchcock Chair Company closed its doors back in 2006, many feared it was the end of an era for this quintessential New England village. However, according to co-owners Rick Swenson and Gary Hath, the Hitchcock Chair factory is “back and very much alive.” A grand re-opening scheduled for this Labor Day weekend commenced on Friday night with a party for guests, family and loyal customers. Saturday began a three-day, traditional Hitchcock barn sale on the Riverton Fairgrounds. “The response has been better than expected,” said Gary Hath. Some Hitchcock furniture enthusiasts were literally moved to tears at the news of their triumphant return. The Hitchcock Chair Company traditionally had three barn sales a year and Gary explained they felt that a traditional barn sale would lend an air of nostalgia for delighted returning customers. “The Hitchcock name carries a certain cachet that sets it apart from other furniture retailers.”  Gary stated, pointing out that the Hitchcock name is synonymous with family heirloom-quality furniture.

In March of 2010, Rick Swenson and Gary Hath purchased the rights to use the Hitchcock Chair Company name and they are currently manufacturing chairs and providing restoration services in a shop in the back of Still River Antiques on Route 20 in Riverton. They are also utilizing 5,000 square feet of space at the Whiting Mills in Winsted to produce their larger pieces such as hutches, dining tables and benches. They currently employ six furniture craftspeople, five of whom were Hitchcock employees before the company closed its doors five years ago; some were employees as far back as 45 years ago.

Rick Swenson said it took a while to develop a business strategy and they set up their first public display booth at the Riverton Fair in October last year. He was encouraged to see the good number of customers who came out on Saturday and there were quite a few sales, which gave them a feel for what pieces, styles and finishes are popular. They also took special orders for their sought-after seasonal collectors’ pieces for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Reconnections are also being made with the very same distributors that once proudly carried the Hitchcock name and new connections are being forged with potential furniture retailers. Rick stated that November is the target month to have enough inventory to begin wholesale business with these distributors.

Rick and Gary’s vision is to keep the production strictly American-made and as local as possible, utilizing some of the same people who have worked for and provided the Hitchcock Chair Company with expert craftsmanship and a standard of excellence that is not often found in modern furniture making. Rick has been quoted as saying, “So many furniture makers are closing or going overseas, we feel like we’re stepping up and investing in our heritage.” When asked where they see themselves in 10 years, Rick and Gary said they certainly hope to hire more craftspeople and salespeople. As the business thrives and grows, they hope that new generations, as well as those who already know the Hitchcock name, will make the scenic drive through the beautiful countryside and along the river, to become a part of the Hitchcock tradition in Riverton.

Special Grand Re-Opening Events

Gary Hath, co-owner of the Hitchcock Chair Company

On Sunday and Monday there will be a chair rushing demonstration by Philomena Calabrese, who rushed chairs with the Hitchcock chair company for 40 years and has now worked for the Swensons for five years. The Hitchcock Chair Company’s rushes are the female leaves of cattail plants that are farm-raised in upstate New York by the same supplier since 1948.

Also on Sunday and Monday, there will be stenciling demonstrations by Lorraine Lacasse, who is a well-known local artist. Lorraine stenciled the ornate designs for the Hitchcock Chair Company for 45 years and has worked with the Swensons for the past five years. Some of the stencils, especially the holiday designs, are quite intricate and utilize over a dozen different stencils before it is complete.

The Hitchcock Chair factory store is located at 13 Riverton Road in Riverton, CT. Hours are Monday through Friday from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m., Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sunday from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m. For more information, please call the factory store at 860-738-9958, or visit the following websites: and

A brief history of the Hitchcock Chair Factory

Lambert Hitchcock built his water-powered mill and began making Sheraton-style chairs and cabinet furniture in 1825, in what was known then as Hitchcocksville. Employing 100 persons, manufacturing persisted until the Civil War when the name of the town was changed to Riverton. With the bulk of raw materials going to the war effort, the Hitchcock Chair Company went out of business for the next 80 years. It wasn’t until early 1940 that John Kenney became interested in the building while he fished for trout in the river that once powered the mill. He reopened the mill using modern industrial tools and manufacturing continued all the way up to 2006. Competition with inferior overseas product forced the Hitchcock factory to close its doors once again. Enter Rick Swenson and Gary Hath. Rick was a Hitchcock factory-trained restoration technician and 5 months after the Hitchcock Chair Company shut their doors in April, 2006, Rick opened Still River Antiques with his wife Nancy, and continued restoring and selling vintage Hitchcock furniture. Business was good and profit was made each year they were open. Then, In March of 2010, Rick Swenson, and co-owner Gary Hath purchased the rights to the Hitchcock name to revive the historic furniture manufacturer once again.

Traditional dining room furnished with Hitchcock furniture. Photo: Andrew Pelletier

From left, Maryanne Hath (Gary's wife), Rick Swenson and Nancy Swenson. Photo: Andrew Pelletier

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  • Joan Wrynn

    I have a rocking chair that i received in 1976. It needs a missing spindle

    and i was wondering if it is possible to replace it.

    joan wrynn

  • rmcdonald

    I own a Hitchcock dry sink. It is in perfect condition. I was curious as to its worth on todays market…would so appreciate a reply. Also, want to give you all ‘kudos’ for making a comeback! Good work!
    Rachel McDonald

  • Elna Godburn

    Can’t wait to visit Hitchcock again. We loved your barn sales and have many unique painted pieces.  Thanks for reopening this wonderful, traditional furniture experience.

    Reverend Paul and Elna Godburn, New Haven, CT

  • Diane Betts

    I have had an oak dining room set (double china cabinet and 8 chairs) for many years.  There are a couple of marks – looking like a hot cup, or something similar – was set down on the table.  I am afraid of damaging the finish and would like to know what I can do to remove these marks.  I have only used a good paste wax on the table, throughout the years.

    Diane Betts

  • Ginnyc34

    Overjoyed at the reopening of he most loved Hitchcock Company; indeed, this is monumental!  We have enjoyed our dining set, chairs, rockers and other items purchased many, many years ago when we lived in East Hartland.  You will be hearing from us soon; Nancy, I love the Christmas Mirror.  Thanks for speaking to me on the telephone today.  Ginny Caroll, Exeter, NH

  • Molly Holmes-Burgess

    I have several Hitchcock chairs that need to be recained.  How can I contact to get info on this service?

    • The NewHartfordPlus Crew

      Check out which is an authorized Hitchcock restorer and reseller; the company is a division of the Hitchcock Chair Company.

  • Tom Phoenix

    I was so happy to see the re-opening of the Hitchcock Chair factory.  It was a sad day when it closed its doors several years ago.  I grew up with Hitchcock furniture.  My mom loved it.  We had many pieces in the home.  So for Christmas 1986 I purchased a Hitchcock Christmas chair for my mother that I picked up at the factory store in November ’86.  She really appreciated it!  Thanks for reopening and the best of luck.

    Tom Phoenix
    Bristol, CT

  • Mary Severns

    Andy Wonderful article and pictures. Happy to hear that Hitchcock Furniture is open again You keep up the good work Love Aunt Mary


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