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Memorial Day Weekend, Part II: Race Around The Lake

Text & Photos By: Maria Moore

With the temperature in the ’80s and the humidity high, Sunday morning’s Race Around The Lake seemed more a mid-summer event than a late spring one, but that was not enough to deter either runners or walkers.  The record crowd eagerly lined up West Hill Road by Berkshire Hall and at the signal they took off, some intent on breaking personal records while others set off at a more leisurely pace.  While the competitors set off on the 3.5 mile loop around West Hill Lake, the spectators cut across the park to position themselves at the finish line near the Field House.

For the official results of the race go to Greystone Racing’s website.  Bob, NewHartfordPlus techie, shot a video of the race and he will post it shortly as soon as he’s finished processing it.  In the meantime, below are photos of the race. Enjoy!

The Beginning of the Race Around The Lake

The Finish Line

Kid’s Race


Young Medal Winners


Beth Coates

From left to right are Jayson Beechnor, Mike Kurtz, Paul Mahoney and First Selectman Dan Jerram. All four have T-shirt designs from different years of the race.

Many Thanks: to the Friends of Brodie Parkwho once again pulled off an amazing event!

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  • Mike

    Is this route around the backside of the lake open throughout the year, or only for this event ? I’ve always wanted to make the walk around, but I always wonder if it’s private property near the Boy Scout camp…

    • The NewHartfordPlus Crew

      Great question, Mike. I’ll check in with one of the Friends of Brodie and will post the answer when we get it

      • The NewHartfordPlus Crew

        MIke: Here’s the response from one of the Friends of Brodie:

        “Unfortunately, the answer is that the whole route is not open to public passage, that’s why we have had to re-route a portion of the race the last two years onto a wooded trail through private property (with the landowners permission granted for day of race only). The portion which is closed is just north of Camp Workcoeman to Perkins Road in Barkhamsted. At one time this portion was open, but one of the current homeowners on this portion no longer permits access.”

  • guest

    I just wanted to let you know that the distance is 3.5 Miles not 3.5 K.

  • guest

    I just wanted to let you know that the distance is 3.5 Miles not 3.5 K.


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