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UPDATE: Trout With Prize On Its Head Swims Free – Deadline Has Passed!

Update: 6 p.m., Friday, May 27:

One last call Carol Allen at UpCountry SportFishing at 6:00 p.m. this evening confirmed that the tagged trout worth $5,000 has not been caught. The deadline has now passed and anyone catching the trout after this point will not be able to claim the prize money. The fishermen’s loss is the insurance company’s gain: Odd On Promotions does not need to make any payments on the 2011 New Hartford Fishing Derby that had insured the chance of having to make a payout with them.

Check out Odds On Promotion’s website to see the full spectrum of promotions they offer.


As of 5:00 p.m. today, Thursday, May 26, the tagged trout worth $5,000 that was released into the Farmington River as part of the New Hartford Fishing Derby has yet to be caught, our reporter confirmed with the Grady Allen at UpCountry SportFishing.

With the deadline set at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, May 27, there’s just one day left for some lucky angler to catch the jackpot!

Reminder: Only those who registered for the New Hartford Fishing Derby can claim the prize.

To review the rules for the New Hartford Fishing Derby, see our May 16 article A $5,000 Trout Yours For The Catching….

To read about the the Fishing Derby which was held on Saturday, May 21, , see our May 22 article Fishing Derby Awards Prizes…

Fishermen in the Farmington River near the Route 219 Bridge in New Hartford Center. Photo: Maria Moore

A beautiful place to sit and watch the activity in the river.

The plaque on the bench commemorating Paul Brodeur. Photo: Maria Moore

An Ultra Fine Day For Paul Brodeur: Newpaper clipping

A newspaper clipping has been tucked into the plaque on the bench near the 219 Bridge, probably put there by the same loving hands that have planted spring flowers around the bench. The clipping reads:

“It was an Ultra Fine Day for Paul Brodeur of Newington, Connecticut, when he landed this gorgeous 29″ brown trout on the Farmington River with his 7’9″ 2-weight rod. He tells us he has had many fine fish since he bought this “fun” Orvis Ultra Fine Rod in 1985, but this was “a record I’ll never top and a day I’ll never forget and all on a 2-weight rod!”

Wow! Very few will ever top that, Paul!

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