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Brodie Park South Study Group/Committee: Position Statement Of Open Space Commission

By: Maria Moore

Last night’s Brodie Park South Study Group/Committee meeting drew a large crowd of New Hartford Football supporters as evidenced by the red Wolverines sweatshirts among the audience. Irrespective of the colors on display, ¬†everyone gave their personal input while acknowledging the needs of the community as a whole. Bob Moore, NewHartfordPlus techie, captured the whole on video and he will post that footage on NHPlus within the next couple of days.

In the meantime, in the absence of Jean Cronauer, the Open Space representative on the Study Group/Committee, former First Selectman Bob LaGoy, a member of the Open Space Commission, said a few words about the Open Space position statement that had been emailed by Bill Michaud, Open Space Chairman to Dan Eddy, Chairman of the group, on Wednesday, February 23. The Open Space position statement was not read into the record of the meeting; we are therefore publishing that statement so that it might become part of the information available to our community as the members of the study group/committee continue the twin discussions of 1) the status of Brodie Park South and 2) how and where to best accommodate the youth sports’ need for an additional playing field in town.

Briefly, the Open Space Commission’s position is that:

  1. OSPC believes that the Town should pursue both open space and active recreational priorities and that neither should be pursued at the exclusion of the other.
  2. OSPC believes that it is premature to make a recommendation regarding the future development land on Brodie South for playing fields.
  3. OSPC agrees that it would be extremely valuable to obtain public input regarding the development of new playing fields in New Hartford, though we believe that an alternative approach to that proposed at the last meeting is needed.
  4. OSPC believes that development of new playing fields, at Brodie South or other locations, should consider low impact development (LID) approaches in all phases.

Following is the full copy of the Open Space position statement:

To review the information on the Brodie Park South Study Group/Committee see our Brodie Park South section.

Many Thanks to the Friends of NewHartfordPlus for providing us with a copy of the Open Space position statement for us to make available to the New Hartford community.

Former First Selectman Bob LaGoy (lower right) listens as First Selectman Dan Jerram runs through some sports numbers during his input at the Brodie Park South meeting on Thursday, February 24. Photo: Maria Moore

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