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‘State Of The Union’ Address: Governor Malloy’s Statement & Links To White House Video & Text

President Barack Obama gave his 2011 State of the Union address yesterday evening, Tuesday, January 25. Following is the statement released on Tuesday evening, January 25, by Governor Dannel Malloy who attended the State of the Union as a guest of Congressman John Larson. Below Governor Malloy’s statement are links to the text and a video of the President’s address.

“I appreciate President Obama’s frank talk about the challenges that lie ahead and what we need to be willing to do to overcome them. I share his commitment to creating new jobs and keeping the ones we have. There are no easy answers, no quick fixes, and no silver bullet. These are going to be tough choices and our willingness to make them is directly related to our long and short-term recovery prospects.

“But in every situation there is a silver lining. Finding ourselves at this critical juncture after the last few tumultuous years will propel us to find ways in which we can invest in new technology, aging infrastructure and the critical programs and ideas that will help us create new jobs and compete in the global economy.

“Connecticut finds itself in much the same position as our nation does. We need to create new jobs and get our fiscal house in order. I spoke with my commissioners earlier today and made clear to them that solving our budget crisis and creating new jobs starts with them. That means no new spending, no borrowing for operating expenses, no early retirement proposal and we absolutely must meet our pension obligations. Period.

“I’m glad that President Obama agrees that creating and growing new jobs is the biggest, most important challenge we face. I look forward to working with President Obama, the delegation in Washington, the General Assembly in Connecticut and anybody else who wants to get Connecticut back on track again.”

Links To President Obama’s  2011 State of the Union Address

To watch a video of the President’s address, please visit the White House YouTube Channel.

To read the text of the President’s address, please visit the Speeches and Remarks section of the White House website.

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