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Bank Of America Closing New Hartford Center Branch

By: Maria Moore.

Bank of America will be closing its New Hartford Center branch on April 1, T. J. Crawford from the bank’s Media Department confirmed today.  Letters were mailed to the bank’s New Hartford branch customers on December 17 informing them that the branch would be closing.  ”We wanted to give our customers plenty of notice to ensure that they would have plenty of time to become accustomed to one of our other branches.” T. J. said.

Asked the reason for the closure T. J. explained that the bank evaluates all of its banking centers on an ongoing basis and that evolving customer demand dictates their decisions.  Our reporter commented that the branch is in the center of New Hartford and is very convenient for residents to use.  ”If it’s in the interest of the bank to close a banking center, then it will be closed.” T. J. responded, adding that New Hartford customers have available to them branches in Winsted , Canton and Torringford to meet their banking needs.  Asked what will happen to the employees at the branch, T. J. said that they would all be placed in other banking centers.  ”Although no decision has been made as to where they will go, it will be somewhere where their customers (from New Hartford) will be going. ”  He said.

The Town of New Hartford currently has its accounts with Bank of America.  However, Town Treasurer Gordon Ross recently informed the Board of Finance that he was looking into moving the town’s accounts to Northwest Community Bank, as Northwestern Regional #7 had recently done.

The Bank of America branch in the center of New Hartford which will be closing as of April 1, 2011. Photo: Maria Moore

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  • moonie

    I have lived in New Hartford for the last 17 years, and I honestly have to say that nothing has changed for the better. Businesses have left and the tax base with it. The property accross from Dunkin donuts is a prime spot for a business and has attracted no one. Look at the old Waring building. Who in gods name built the strip mall to sit vacant for so long. Now that the “commercial” based bank is leaving town, maybe we could get a more personalized bank in it’s place. If something isn’t done soon, this town will no longer be the “preferred town” it was when I bought my house. The taxes are going up and I personally have had nothing but bad experiences in dealing with the people in the town hall. Please, someone turn things around because my desire to live in the town I used to love is dwindling little by little.

  • Joe Gareis

    I don’t think it’s reasonable to hold the 1st selectman responsible for every business that fails or moves out of town. And (responding to N.H. Politico), selectmen have even less to do with the school’s special ed program decisions.

    Over the years we’ve spent plenty on downtown improvements, including millions for a greatly expanded sewer plant. The decision to hire a development consultant at this point is driven more by an assesment of chances of getting any results out of another plan or report on the subject, given limited leverage town officials have over business location decisions and the sorry state of commercial real estate markets.

  • BOA customer

    I was in the process of moving all of my accounts to NW Community Bank because of their support of our COMMUNITY. Every time I went into BOA the tellers suggested I use the ATM!! No wonder the banking center isn’t busy enough to justify it staying open! I won’t miss that bank.

    • newhartfordplus

      Just feel sorry for the employees, some of whom are local. Just very nice people working for a large corporation, Maria

  • Neil

    It’s not good to lose a NH Center business. However, from what I saw though a relative’s personal experience as one of their customers and from news reports, BOA’s corporate policies have not been very consumer oriented. In fact, they made the list of “Stupid Fees” in today’s news. Maybe Torrington Savings would like to be in NH Center.

    R.I.P. Free Checking
    The checks, they are a-changin’. In November, Bank of America (Stock Quote: BAC) revealed it would end its free checking service, following the passage of sweeping financial reforms that included the CARD Act. As Brian O’Connell reported, “The die was cast in August, when the banking giant announced its new eBanking service, which offered free online checking account services like deposits, withdrawals and online statements … customers could keep their old-fashioned, paper-based checking accounts, but they’d have to pay $8.95 per month for the privilege.” Since when did paying for checks become a “privilege”?!

  • Chloe

    We have beautiful resources.. We have the river..the ski area…If we had a walking trail along the river, people would come..they would shop and eat in New Hartford. (NEW HARTFORD should take note from Canton)…..I have spoken to other New Hartford Center business that have said that they are concidering closing and moving to Canton because they only get 1-2 customers per week. When we had the painted animals it drew people from all around to walk around New Hartford. Another thought..(The farmers market should be held near the Bank of America)They should close off that area and people will come and walk around the center..Even the fishing Derby is held at the Warring Building why not start behind Town Hall and the downtown bsusinesses.
    Why can’t we hire whom ever is helping Canton and Winsted? I have not seen the selectman since he came into office..At least Baxter would walk around town to talk to people to see what people were thinking!!!

  • Linda

    ”Although no decision has been made as to where they will go, it will be somewhere where their customers (from New Hartford) will be going. ” He said.

    Based on the feedback I’ve heard, I guess it means they will be going to a different bank. Northwest Bank is certainly closer than Canton, Winsted and Torrington. TD Bank is just up the road, too. Collinsville Savings is on the way to the Canton branch of BOA.

    • newhartfordplus

      Perhaps one of those banks will be tempted to move into the center. Or perhaps a group of New Hartfordites will start a a “Local Bank of New Hartford.” What’s Blake up to these days…? Maria

  • N.H. politico

    Choe YOU GET WHAT YOU INVEST IN and this 1st selectmans priorities:Browns corner 90K+, new SPED program 90K+ why when shared services was sharing costs, econ devel/incentives to business 10K? for new signs and plants. Thats what we got this year for the 65K paid to the 1st selectman. Try talking to companies who are leaving; B.O.A., Magic fluke, have the B.O.S. meet more than 1hr/MONTH the plan for next year and do what Kleibart pushed for and bring in experts to develop a plan.Then ask for my vote come November.

  • Chloe

    New Hartford is going to be a ghost town if someone does not step up and bring business to New Hartford. Canton is thriving. Even WINSTED center is being improved. Winsted is hopping ever night with all of the restaurants. I though New Hartford would grow but its been at a standstill for years…ITS SO DISAPPOINTING!


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